1945 The History begins... when Christos Spanos opens his first shop – grocery shop in Lakki with his first money while in 1946 he opens a rent a bike shop – the famous Rexakia in the area -. As years pass by his efforts to be improved are becoming bigger. In this period Giannis Spanos is born (1948).

In 1956 he opens a second grocery shop in the area of Ksirokampos. The family moves from Leros to Rhodes, where Christos Spanos starts working in the company of electrical devices “Kostaridis”.

1962 The New Generation gets into the business... A new period starts for Spanos family with the children involved and helping a lot to the family’s difficulties. Giannis with his brothers start working as street vendors selling dry nuts in the harbor of Rhodes.

Until 1965 Giannis continued selling his products in the street while at the same time was going to school. In 1968 he joined the army while his father, Christos tries his luck again as a merchant back in Leros. Giannis returned in Leros in 1970 when he completed his duties in the army, and having a past history as a footballer in Rhodes, he becomes the coach of the local team ASEL and manages to get her to category A’ in the Dodecanese. At the same time he owned a shop of electric devices in Lakki up to 1973. Then he returned with his father in Rhodes, rented the shop in Garivaldi street and transforms it in a wholesale shop.

1974 Innovation in Rhodes... In 1974, their father fell ill and Giannis with his brother Giorgos took over the shop on Garivaldi Street and transformed it from a wholesale store into a Super Market, an innovation in those days, since it was the island’s first Super Market.

At the same period they managed to buy the building. The innovation of the Spanos Brothers continued with developing wholesale trade with small grocery stores in the villages of Rhodes. During the years 1978-1980, the two brothers got married and created two happy families. In 1985, their big dream came true. They bought the new land and they immediately started the excavation works, which, however, were delayed due to various problems. In 1988, competition in Rhodes was changing, as new big brand names began to enter the market. In the same year the bothers started to slowly build the new store, a process that lasted 4 years. A difficult and large project for Rhodes and a self-financed one, at that. A time characterized by a lot of personal work and effort, constrictions but also a fierce determination to complete the store. All these efforts paid off in 1992, with the new hyper modern, privately owned store.

1992 The beginning of a new era... 1992 marked the beginning of a new era in the market of Rhodes. It was the era of HYPER MARKET SPANOS. A big project that could fulfil the needs of “contemporary Rhodes”. A gem for the city housed in modern facilities of European standards, covering a total area of 9200 sq.m. Proper ergonomics, a large variety of products, the special sections of butcher’s, greengrocer’s, croissanterie, kitchen, a spacious cash desk area, underground parking, low prices and a personal service with a smile were the features that made the consumers of Rhodes to trust and rank HYPERMARKET SPANOS as top and unique.

1992 The effort does not stop here... It continues, aiming always to provide the best service and serve the consumers’ interest. With offers, events, competitions, the Spanos name becomes more and more familiar to the people of Rhodes and Spanoulis, HYPERMARKET SPANOS’ mascot, becomes a friend to people of all ages. The Spanos brothers have not forgotten their origins. Along with other friends from Leros, they founded the Association of People from Leros in Rhodes, named “I Panagia tou Kastrou” and became particularly active, contributing to the social, cultural and sports development of Leros.

LEROS - BACK TO THE ROOTS. 1995. Half a century of commercial activity for the Spanos family. They choose this anniversary to return to their homeland, Leros, opening a new privately owned Hypermarket. An investment that created initially 22 new working positions for the young people of Leros, contributing thus in the resolution of the unemployment problem.

RHODES - THE NEXT CHAPTER. The creation does not stop here. In 1999 Giannis and Giorgos Spanos founded the DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS shipping company, while in 2002 they moved on to a new investment. A new privately owned shop was created in Michail Petridi and Kamirou streets in Rhodes, aiming to satisfy the residents of the city and suburbs. The imposing seven-storey building covers an area of 14.500 sq.m., offering anything that its customers might think of or wish for. Excellent service and comfort is guaranteed in the new HYPERMARKET SPANOS. A huge parking area, over three storeys, sets the mood for a happy shopping experience. The store’s meticulous entrance is a prelude to what can be found inside: cleanliness, very good prices, a friendly atmosphere, a great variety of products, respect and the best service.

In the same year, the professional routes of the brothers split. Giorgos Spanos runs the shipping company and Giannis Spanos the HYPERMARKETS.

NEW ERA - NEW VISIONS. Christos and Vasilis, the sons of Giannis Spanos, entered the business with knowledge, interest, eagerness to work and with new ambitious plans. Their aim is to have a HYPERMARKET SPANOS in every neighbourhood of the Dodecanese!

The group followed a five year development and expansion plan (2010-2015) with a 10,000,000 € budget. Based on this plan, 3 new shops have already been created, corresponding to 50% of the investment.

APRIL 2010. A new HYPERMARKET SPANOS was created in Rodini. It extends over an area of 300 sq.m. and serves the needs of the neighbourhood always with the quality and excellent service that  is guaranteed by SPANOS name.

DECEMBER 2010. The new privately owned HYPERMARKET SPANOS in Afantou is here! Ultramodern with 2 floors and an area of 800 sq.m., it offers the consumers comfort, quality and variety at the best prices.








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